In today’s challenging economic environment, businesses are seeking to reduce costs and enhance growth. They need business and IT solutions that promote innovation and transformation, while helping to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Businesses can achieve these goals with a scalable approach to global delivery and sourcing that combines quality, efficiency, talent and collaboration.

Cost Cutting Efficiency to Value-Creating Productivity: Add Value with Rightshore®

Rightshore®, Capgemini’s global delivery model, helps you add value while using resources more effectively. We bring together our best talent from the right balance of onshore, nearshore and offshore locations and work with you as a unified team. This balance enables us to deliver the optimum solution for your business needs.

Rightshore® Benefits

We draw on our global resources, cost-efficient processes and extensive experience in diverse geographies, disciplines and industries to deliver:

  • Cost reductions: Save up to 40% on IT costs and improve your bottom line by leveraging the right balance of locations.
  • Streamlined processes: Improve productivity and reduce operating costs by implementing agile, efficient processes.
  • Innovation: Free your energies from IT and focus on innovating and transforming your business.
  • Competitive advantage: Stay ahead of the curve with solutions that employ the latest technology to improve quality in delivery.
  • Growth: Implement solutions that increase productivity and help you expand your business.
* Rightshore is a trademark belonging to Capgemini
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