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Capgemini’s Application Services proposition delivers three times the commercial impact per Euro or Dollar of existing client spend in comparison with traditional outsourcing


Applications of the future

World-class performance practices deliver IT applications and an Application Landscape that delivers a substantial P&L impact, and provide a compelling demonstration of the ‘potential of the possible from IT.
Application Landscape Management Report 2016

Application Landscape Management Report 2016

A handbook for IT leaders to ensure competitiveness of their organizations and communities

This publication presents Capgemini’s point of view on effective Application Landscape Management complemented by the wisdom of senior global CIOs of organizations ranging from $5 Billion in revenue to very large organizations, across multiple industries.


Today’s CIOs must contend with increasingly complex application landscapes while promoting continuous rationalization and cost-effectiveness.
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CIO Perspectives

We asked leading CIOs to share their insights on optimizing the application landscape

Client Stories Block

Caroline Serfass, CIO at Canon Europe, explains how Canon Europe leverages IT to help transform its business systems.

Client Stories Block

Filippo Passerini, former CIO at Procter & Gamble, discusses his professional insights on various aspects of Application Landscape Management.

Client Stories Block

Catherine Doran, CIO at Royal Mail, shares insights from running the Royal Mail Group’s multi-year IT business transformation program.

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