Quality Blueprint

When most companies are cutting IT spend, you need to learn to do more with less while still remaining competitive — which means delivering on commitments and improving quality with fewer resources.
Capgemini’s Quality Blueprint™ provides the tools and frameworks your organization needs to achieve a higher level of test maturity, accelerating the journey towards streamlined processes and efficiencies. Our Quality Blueprint™ methodology is based on the proven Test Process Improvement® framework and can help:
  • Benchmark the maturity of your testing organization against the industry so you can compare against your peers globally or in your local region.
  • Reduce application and testing defects, development time, and costs while better meeting business requirements.
  • Identify testing-process improvements and help build the business case for improving your organization’s testing maturity level.
  • Uncover key challenges in your test organization and understand how other firms are addressing similar challenges.
  • Reap initial benefits from quality process transformation quickly through actionable plans prioritized based on effort and value.

Speed and efficiency without compromise

The Quality Blueprint™ provides an assessment of your existing applications testing skills, processes, and tools to identify any sources of deficiencies for defect detection and project overruns. We use an accelerator toolkit to target the changes needed to improve the performance of your testing organization and reduce costs up to 30% based on real-world client experiences. Your custom-tailored transformational roadmap priorities the improvements to help you focus on delivering impact in as little as four weeks.

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