World Payments Report 2015 from Capgemini and RBS

For more than a decade, the World Payments Report by Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Scotland has been the source of fundamental data, trends and commentary on global and regional non-cash payments, and the key regulatory and industry initiatives (KRIIs) that govern them.

Key findings

Anytime, anywhere, any device payments are today’s reality. The challenge for traditional payments service providers is to meet evolving customer expectations with frictionless payments, while remaining competitive with aggressive, innovative, and flexible non-bank players.

This report explores the impacts of an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape and the additional requirements to deliver incremental customer value through innovation. Such complexity should encourage banks to embark on a transformational journey to remain competitive and customer-centric. In addition, the role of immediate payments is also examined as a potential ‘silver bullet’ in payments innovation.

Explore the report fully at our interactive site Read on for a few report highlights:

  • The volume of non-cash payment transactions keeps on growing faster than GDP across all geographies with impressive growth rates in markets such as China. Non-cash payments volumes are expected to accelerate globally to 8.9% to 389.7 billion in 2014 fueled by the U.S. economic recovery, Emerging Asia robust growth of non-cash transactions volume.
  • As KRIIs become more complex, global, and specific, they are creating value for consumers by fostering innovation and competition. More than 50% of current KRIIs either directly or indirectly focus on innovation and those PSPs and PSUs who place focus on investing in innovation will add value and improve client satisfaction.
  • Offering innovation-led holistic payments services can help banks gain a competitive edge in the payments industry, and deliver new revenue streams. The infrastructure provided by immediate payments schemes and blockchain technology are key enablers.

The World Payments Report 2015 is available for download at

World Payments Report interactive website

Explore the full landscape of payments with the World Payments Report website:

  • Interactive graphs to explore non-cash payment volumes or mix by region and transactions by inhabitant for over 25 countries
  • A focus on hidden payments, key regulatory initiatives, and future trends
  • More on taking a transformational approach in building new services and to simplify payments


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Source: World Payments Report 2015, Capgemini and RBS

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